Budget 28" - THOMSON vs GOODMANS?



I am looking for a cheap 28" tv. I plan to upgrade to a decent size plasma in a couple of years when the price has come down.

Looking at the most recent reviews the following 3 TV's seem to be the best at the bottom end:

THOMSON 28WH201S 28in TV,
THOMSON 28WH203S 28in widescreen Nicam TV
(although I can not seem to find websites selling this TV)
and the
GOODMANS GTV69W1DT 28in widescreen Nicam IDTV.

Is there much to choose between them? Are there any other obvious candidates in the same ballpark?

I may be tempted for a 32" but am not keen to spend too much more.

Any comments or threads to other similar discussions would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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I'd recommend the Thomsons over the Goodmans. I've nothing against the Goodmans as they are good basic sets but I would imagine the Thomson will handsomely outperform it for RGB images if nothing else. Goodmans don't make their own sets they are almost all made by Vestel of Turkey. They are reliable enough but picture performance isn't quite as good as the top brands and often the sound is pretty hopeless. As ever it depends what sort of deal you can find for yourself but personally I think you would be happier with a Thomson.
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