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Hello All,

Off to Budapest for 4 days with my wife. Going there for the first time. I have done some reading on the net and the LP guide as well. We are staying fairly centrally. Any tips on top attractions to visit, general advice for the city, places to eat, things to do will be great. We thought of one meal in a real good restaurant. We are still debating whether to go for the Sunday Brunch at Gundel or the Friday Seafood buffet at the Kempinski Cornivus or possibly both :eek:.

We have 4 full days out of which one day we are thinking of visiting the Danube bend. Thinking of visiting Szentendre and Visegrad and taking the boat back to Budapest in the evening from Visegrad.

Will be grateful for any advice or tips :).


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Mongolian BBQ, set price, all you can eat and drink, quality!


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Steak Tatar at the cafe/restaurant at the end of the main row of cafes. Amazing. Can't remember the name of the place but it was on the south eastern corner of the street with all the small cafes on. I could look it up for you quickly.....sigh.

There you are.....Café Vian....I had a google earth link but it won't let me paste it. Anyway, go there....great place, great food, great atmosphere. Trust me, most probably one of the best Cafes that I have ever been to in my life.
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