Bubble blowing fly


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I got this greenbottle fly blowing a bubble yesterday.
Apparently they do this as part of their digestive process, almost like chewing the cud.

Nikon D50, Tamron 90mm macro, 1:1, Natural light 1/80s, f16, ISO200, Tripod mounted.



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Thats a cracking shot .. I have a Tamron 1:1 90mm macro on the way so hopefully I can get something as good.


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Very impressive!


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Hello there

That's a stunning capture Mike, great timing.:thumbsup:

Cheers Holo:smashin::smashin:


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Brilliant shot Mike :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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It's shots like this that make people want to try macro photography.

A awesome image, even if the subject is disgusting!

Well done. :)

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