Bubba Ho-Tep


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this is either gonna be awesome or completely un watchable lol.anyone got any info on it etc ???


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Comes out on May 25th R1, has a couple of commentaries (one with Bruce Campbell acting as Elvis). Movietyme have it for pre-order.

I'm ordering it (closer to the release date) even though I haven't seen it. It does look ace :smashin:


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can't comment on cd-wow but i got mine from dvd pacific yesterday! i'm hoping to watch it before the end of the week, and i'm looking forward to it. hopefully some loonies with a small budget and a lot of insanity can show the blockbuster boys how it should be done! ( i'll regret that comment if it's crap) :suicide:

Phil Hinton

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Review should be here in a few days or so, the original review disc went walkies in the post.

Rambo John J

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it's difficult to know what to say about this film... it'll polarize audiences, I think, as it's not what you expect it to be at all.
I like it. It took a couple of go's as for some reason I thought it might lean towards zany Army of Darkness style OTT goofiness, so I had to change my mindset before I could really get into it, as that's not what this film's about at all. In fact, I thought they played it pretty straight, sincere and low key. Its essentially a character piece and the whacked-out story is really just incidental, although there are definitely a few good laugh-out-loud moments.

It really is hard to classify... it's not horror and it's not comedy, it's a kind of character driven arthouse movie that touches on both of those genres but never fully embraces either of them. Once you can get your head around what exactly it is they're trying to do, rather than what you expect it to be, you can really appreciate it more. It's slow though, it moves at the same pace as Elvis and JFK do in the movie, which to some will equate to being "boring", I guess.

That's what I got from it anyway. It's Bruce Campbell's best performance to date, that's for sure, and Ossie Davis is excellent too.
I'm not surprised nobody wanted to distribute it for a long time though, I really don't think studio heads would be able to understand what Bubba Ho-Tep's about at all... even if there are a couple of explosions :rolleyes: . I've read Anchor Bay have the UK rights and intend releasing it theatrically over here... can't really see it making any money though, despite the fact that I think it's probably one of the most original and interesting films I've seen in quite a while, with some great performances to boot. It's certainly not going to be everyone's cup of tea though.
I'd have to strange film, but definately worth watching, some of the one-liners had me laughing out-loud for no apparent reason, yet by equal measures almost in tears at times, had to phone my grandfather after just to say hello, as i hav'nt seen him for a while.



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cd wow just informed me of a 10 day delay in shipping bubba and return of the king.

Of course i cancelled the order.


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Well I've never seen any of the Evil Dead films ( :blush: ) so I won't be going in to this with any particular mindset.

I too got an e-mail from CD Wow, hoping to send it next Monday (31st) - I won't cancel as I got it for a VERY good price.

F G Evans

It seems the same - had mine from DVD Soon - looks identical to that on the CD Wow site.


My copy from DVDSoon has just gone "on order". The site says 3-5 days, but knowing DVDSoon's suppliers, it could be longer. :mad:


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Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires (2008).
Directed by Don Coscarelli. Bruce Campbell, Paul Giamatti star.

This prequel to Bubba Ho-Tep finds Elvis shooting a film in Louisiana when he runs afoul of a coven of she-vampires.



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Heard rumours of a sequel ages ago but totally forgot about it.

I'm in two minds about this one, Bubba Ho-Tep was such a unique great little film that it stands alone, and maybe should be left alone? But the other part of me wants to see Campbell again as the King (I agree this was his best performance to date).

We'll have to wait and see, hopefully they won't mess it up/detract from the original.

Nobody, but NOBODY ****s with the King!! :D

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