BTTF R1 - how can I tell if I got the fixed version??



I have the R1 Back to the Future Box and I was wondering how I can tell if I have the fixed one or the wrongly framed one.

The box I have is the blue one with the french title also...

please help!

Kane D Williams

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Although I have not yet sent my discs back for replacement (had it for ages - never watched 2 & 3), my friend who had his replaced for the properly framed version says it has a V2 written on the disc somewhere. It is very small lettering, I think near the centre of the discs.


thanks for the reply's. It seems I have the "old" version of the set. I can find no "v2" anywhere. I guess I'll live with it as I didn't notice it when I watched them earlier. I mean, what is a guy living in Iceland to do?:rolleyes:

Indiana Jones

Have to admit that since I got my Boxset last christmas I havent even watched the films, only watched the extras but when I heard about the free replacements I thought I might as well get them and I just gave BTTF 2 and 3 to my brother.


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Whats the PLAY.COM version for £17.99?

Hell, i'll order it and suckit&see! (report back when it arrives!



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Well it's not R1, it's R2 (which has DTS instead of commentry) but the one I got from play is correctly framed.


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I ordered the R1 from play and it arrived this morning, it came with a green sticker and has a small V2 on disks 2 and 3 on the end of the copyright string at the bottom of the disk.

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