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I've also just joined the forum having not had any success in getting responses on the MyOpen forums. I've read through the posts here and seems like people really want to help which is great.

I've just had a MyHome system installed in my new house primarily to control lighting and blinds. The system was installed by an installer using the hard configurators using rather than the virtual method which is the way i want to go now.

I've just purchased and installed the F454 web server and connected it to the SCS bus. However I have a problem when I log in via through MyHome Suite through my network using ip address (I don't use a crossover ethernet cable). It seems to connect however I immediately get the message "Plant disconnected: connection to remote host lost" and it doesn't retrieve any information from the system.

I can login to the F454 webserver directly but all I see via the portal is a single configuration under lighting called "Gen1" which only allows all the lights on and off together but no individual control.

Any ideas, thanks?


Hi, Welcome, Please, if you have an opportunity,pass the word around on the BTicino forum that some of us friendly types are now here :)

I haven't got an F454, although I was wondering if its useful. From past threads I seem to remember it having some IP access restriction range to be set up. You could connect to it via USB and check the settings.

Manual is here


Hi, I will pass the message around :)

The reason I got an F454 was that I want to have control of my lighting via my smarthome and a solution I came across was via a solution called MyOmBox which requires an F454. I don't know if you know that solution?

I'll have a look at the ip access restriction. Would this require for example the PC IP address to be in a specific range?


Following up on your idea of ip address restriction, I've come across the following bTicino MyHome control with live feedback for IOS and Android. - MyURemote - Universal Remote Control App

"BTicino has chosen a rather strange password policy. Their own tools make a connection using a password. However, the password protocol is not publicly documented. They do allow to specify one or more ip ranges, from which you can communicate with the gateway without password.
  • the bTicino tools need to be run from an ip address outside the range of enabled ip addresses
  • your device (IOS, android) needs to be run from an ip address within the range of enabled ip addresses without password"
I'll have a go this evening


I am using atMyHome android app for remote interaction with the BUS. The app connects to the BUS via the MH202, which acts as unofficial gateway. The app can control lights, switches, heating, scenarios, send user OPEN commands and other useful stuff. It even downloads a snapshot from my IP cameras. I am using openVPN server (on a Raspeberry Pi) to connect to my network securely.
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You were spot on with the ip address restriction in the F454. I added into the F454 the address range of the PC I was using for configuration and it worked like a dream. All actuators + devices were download to MyHomeSuite and I then downloaded atMyHome app and now I have control of the lighting. Brilliant, thanks for your help


It was just a guess. I am pleased it worked out.

My main goal here is create a community of users because I want learn more myself. I know there are many helpful knowledgeable people around. The obvious platform for this was BTicino's own International forum but this is no longer a suitable place for end users; it wasn't that useable anyway and got a lot worse recently. What community there was there appears is dying and so I am now here trying to get us talking and helping each other. Please help get the word out or I will fail.


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Hi all,

regarding the F454, might not be of big interest for end-users, but anyway: A few years back I started to kind of look very closely at the F454's hardware and firmware and started to document my findings:

Bticino F454 - piMyHome Project

Note that the wiki holding this info is kindly hosted by myopen-forum user viveronese. Thank you very much viveronese, for hosting, in case you are reading this.


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nope, I don't think so, broken homebrewed crypto is broken, the cat is not going back in the bag.
also, Bticino publically published the protocol to login with a hash (which I have yet to implement)


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Es lo mismo tener el MyHomeServer1 que el F454? Ambos permiten el manejo de la domótica por el smartphone mediante aplicaciónes ??? Gracias

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