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Hi Guys,
Hopefully this is the right forum, apologies if not, first time here! So I’ve just got a new Sony tv, and have an Apple TV and a Sony blu-ray player, and they’re all connected up fine. I also have a Samsung sound bar being controlled by an HDMI cable using the ARC (HDMI 3 on the Sony tv) channel. Those things are all working as expected. I turn one on and the tv detects it and switches to the relevant HDMI input automatically.

But for some reason my BT YouView box, which is new I might add, only turns the tv on, it doesn’t make the tv switch HDMI inputs to HDMI 1 (Where the BT box is plugged in to). I’ve gone in to the settings on the BT box and can’t find anything to enable HDMI control or switch it off, it isn’t anywhere!
I realise that it may sound like a Sony tv that’s causing the issue, but the thing is if I switch the devices around amongst the HDMI inputs the same thing happens. The Apple TV and blu-ray player auto make the tv switch inputs, the BT YouView box does not, whichever HDMI input it’s connected to.

This issue is the same for simply getting the tv and sound bar turned on; when everything is switched off, using the Apple TV and Blu-ray player remote controls to turn things on makes the TV and sound bar come on and switches the HDMI input correctly regardless of what HDMI input the tv was left on.
But The BT YouView box just turns the tv and sound bar on, and the tv remains on whatever the HDMI input the tv was previously on.
Any thoughts would be welcomed!



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Hi Sleepyhead78.
I also have/use a YouView box and a Sony Bravia TV. The box to TV connection switching issue your experiencing is unfortunately down to the TV, not the box. Its called CEC. Sometimes mine works, sometimes it doesn't, so it definitely needs work. But just to confirm, its a Sony issue not YouView.


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No Sony TV here but I I have 2 Youview boxes (one BT, one Humax), connected to HDMI1 input of 2 LG TVs (both of the same age, but different models) and recently had to swap them over. Turning on either box always turns on the TV it's connected to, as you have found, but:

Humax --> small LG: sometimes selected the right input
Humax --> large LG: always selects the right input

BT --> small LG: never selects the right input
BT --> large LG: always selected the right input.

So even within the same brand of TV I have different behaviour, but also the BT box is less successful at switching than the Humax one.

That's probably not very helpful but I thought I'd share anyway :)


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Thanks for the responses guys, appreciate it. I guess logically then the issue can only really be a "this particular Sony TV model & this particular BT YouView box together" issue.

It can't be 100% the Sony TV, as the setup works exactly as it should (in terms of HDMI Control / CEC auto-switching) when I remove the BT YouView box from the setup and just use Apple TV, blu-ray player and Samsung Sound bar all via HDMI inputs. Even switching the Apple TV and blu-ray player around between the HDMI inputs 1, 2 and 4 inputs (keeping the Samsung sound bar in HDMI input 3 because that's the ARC one) the Sony TV still auto-switches between them once each is turned on.

So I guess it's to do with whatever HDMI control signal type the BT YouView box sends the Sony TV, it must be different to the signal sent by the Apple TV and blu-ray player? As it makes sense that the Sony TV is doing what it's doing based on the instruction it receives from a signal? It's all a bit too technical for me! lol

EDIT - Just to add weight to the issue being that it's to do with whatever signal the BT YouView box seems to be sending, I forgot to mention that in my testing there's another issue. The Apple TV remote control and the blu-ray player remote control both also turn the TV/sound bar combo off when the power button on the individual remotes are pressed. Great!! Three devices all switching on and off (and automaticvally switching HDMI inputs) using whichever device specific remote control! Perfect.
The BT YouView remote control does not switch anything other than the BT YouView box off... It turns the TV/sound bar on, doesn't change the HDMI input, and also doesn't turn the TV/sound bar off lol
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