Bt Vision with Sky multiroom connections


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Hi newbee to this forum would like some assistance with how to:-
Currently have a Sky system with the TV siganl passing to all tv's in house via the 2nd airel out socket of sky box. Have now got a new BT Vison black box which does not have RF output, suggestions as to which modulator I should get.How to connect the initial airel in to the sky box first then to BT box or visa versa, would like to be able to control both boxes via the magic eyes. Will the Rf signal passs throught the Sky box to get to the Vision box.
Current set up the airel comes from the roof into the living room to the Skybox, then 1st feed to my my Livingroom TV the send feen with rf signal to loft and then distriubuted to 4 other TV airel sockets in the house.
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