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I have just got BT Vision and have connected to Samsung LE40M8 TV and is connected via a HDMI cable. The system works fine but when I switch off the TV and put the V Box in stand-by then switch the TV and V Box back on, the TV shows the correct HDMI source is selected but 'no signal' is shown. If I then scroll through the AV inputs using the Samsung remote until I get back to the V Box input the signal comes back!

I would like to be able to switch the TV on and switch the V Box out of stand-by mode and get the picture on. This was always the case when I was using Sky.

It seems although the TV is on, set to the correct AV input and the V Box is on the signal is getting stuck at some point and is only released by scrolling through the AV inputs?

Anyone come across this or have any suggestions it would be appreciated.




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We have BT Vision and a Samsung Smart TV. We tend to watch the freeview content through the TV now although we always used the Vision box with our old TV. I had no problem with the V box as it came on easily once it had downloaded the content. We always use to use the Vision box remote, not the TV remote. Perhaps that is the problem. We used the TV remote just to switch on and off.

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