BT Vision Remote Control Very Unreliable


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My BT Vision Box (new black one) will not respond to its remote control most of the time. Other old threads have mentioned this happens with Samsung TVs. This has got a lot lot worse since I replaced my old Toshiba CRT TV with a new Samsung LED TV.
Things sometimes work OK when I first switch on but after a while the BT box only responds about 1 in 5 times; very very very frustrating!
I also have a programmable Harmony remote and this has the same problems with the BT box but not other devices. This all points to the BT box itself.
I have turned off the Samsung AnyNet system but that does not help.
Any suggestions before I get on to BT?

Thanks in advance.


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We have exactly the same problem, BT tell me its a problem with the remote (even though the remote flashes blue everytime) but I think its a problem with the box. New remote arrived today from BT and still no luck, problem is much worse in the evenings. DId you have any luck sorting it?


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LCD tv?

Try adjusting backlight. Daft but it works. :smashin:

Had the same prob with my BT Vision remote.


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Thanks - I did see that on previous threads but no amount of adjusting the backlight or brightness has worked. Its an LED not LCD TV so maybe this makes a difference. BT Engineer coming out tomorrow and if no solution then Virgin Cable it is !

Chris Muriel

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Interesting case.
Have you tried switiching off all energy saving bulbs in the room in question ?
These have been known to cause R/C problems.
Please let us know what the BT man finds.


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Sorry to be pedantic, but your tv is an LCD's just that it's backlit by LED's rather than the old style CCFL's. :)

Sorry my idea didn't work though.


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Thanks for all your comments.
BT Man had no clues and arrived during the day when the remote works fine. He replaced the box though. Got to 5pm and the remote started to play up again - I noticed Chris' comments about the light bulb - HEY PRESTO TURNED THE MAIN LIGHT OUT AND IT WORKS FINE!
Explains why the problem mainly occured at night too. Shame I saw the message after he had replaced our box loosing all our recordings though.
I've contacted the Engineer to let him know and he is going to post a message on the Engineer noticeboard.
Thanks so much Chris.:):):)


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bt vision hardware = ****. my box was made redundant days after receiving it. phoned them to come and collect it, they said keep it. worthless.

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