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Hi All,

I'd like to get BT Vision into our bedroom. I understand that I can't buy a 2nd box as you run into all sorts of problems and conflicts with the 1st box.

The bedroom is next door to the lounge, and a 15m HDMI cable would easily reach. However! I've got no way of getting the HDMI cable into the loft, across, and down into the bedroom without chasing the walls or using surface mount trunking. I'd rather not do either.

I have tried a wireless sender and the quality is just not good enough, plus it suffers from regular interference.

Luckily, there is room to get a 2nd cable down the aerial cable conduit that is embedded in the plaster in the lounge, however not an HDMI cable as the plug on the end would not fit.

So, I was thinking of this set up.....

1. Use a HDMI splitter from the BT Vision box, that will split the HDMI output and feed to the TV in the lounge and the TV in the bedroom.
2. Plug an HDMI extender into the feed for the bedroom, converting the HDMI signal to run over CAT6 cable. I can get a length of CAT6 cable up the aerial conduit into the loft and then down into the bedroom, and then crimp an RJ45 plug on both ends no problems.
3. Use a remote control extender eye thingy so that I can control BT Vision from the bedroom.

Although this will work, it's a lot of equipment plus 3 x power sockets required at each end just for this equipment. It seems a bit 'over-engineered' for my liking.

Is there a better way? Is there some sort of HDMI splitter/extender/remote control gizmo that can do all of this in one box?

The TV in the bedroom has a built in DTT tuner; this is purely to enable us to watch recorded/on-demand BT Vision content in the bedroom.

Thanks in advance for any help you can would be much appreciated.


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