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BT Vision HDMI or SCART cables?


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Last weekend I recieved my new Sony KDL-32V4000 TV ...promptly connected my BT Vision box and DVD Player to it with 2 cheap (£7 from Tesco) HDMI Cables ...no problems and very impressed with the picture quality.

Then yesterday I start getting poor reception for the ITV Channels, Channel 4 and five ....did an auto tune/scan and the first time they disappeared totally ...a couple more attempts and they are back.

After a bit of fiddling around today I have found that I have 100% signal quality if I change to a SCART cable but poor picture or when i use the HDMI cable I only have 20/30% signal quality therefore causing the poor reception ...however the SCART cable leaves me with a poor picture quality.

My question is basically if I spend more on...

A. If I spend more on a good quality HDMI cable will that give better reception and signal quality?


B. If I spend more on good quality SCART will that give a better picture quality?


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I am not sure how the scart or HDMI cables can affect your signal quality, I would suspect some other cause, possibly a fault on one of the devices connected. Maybe and earth fault or grounding problem, could be a faulty cable though.

But, for scarts I can see a benefit to spending a bit more on the cable to get good cable and connectors to keep the analogue signal as good as possible.
With HDMI I would not waste too much money as its a digital signal so should work or not work with no in between. Obviously you do not want to buy a cheap poorly manufactured cable as that would cause problems, but there are plenty of posts about people happy with relatively cheap HDMI cables.

Hope you get it sorted.

theo cupier

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I'd agree with cyber_who here.

Logically there's no way that an HDMI cable would have any effect on the receiption / signal quality since they are not involved in that part of the process. The only thing I can think of here is that maybe in the process of swapping cables you are knocking your aerial RF cable somehow and maybe altering the connection, perhaps due to a loose link in the plug or something.

Also, as for HDMI cables, I have cheap HDMI cables running between my sources and my amp. For HDMI you don't need to be fussy for anything under about 3m - it's only above 3m that there is even anecdotal evidence for improvement due to "good" HDMI cables.

Being digital, HDMI will either work or not, it's not like analog where "poor" cables might slightly degrade the signal. HDMI will either be clear and fine or obviously wrong - not working or red sparklies, for example.

A good quality Scart cable might improve things over a cheap Scart cable. By co-incidence, since I've moved over to HDMI for everything, I'm selling a 2m Thor Scart in this thread. LINK


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Actually it has been reported before, that due to the high frequencies involved in HDMI signals (to move all that image data from the source to the display), they can if poorly shielded interfere with UHF TV - sufficient to affect the reception of Freeview channels.

Yes upgrade the HDMI cables for better shielding.

To reinforce the theory, someone trying to output a signal equivalent to a digital Mux - ie. to be received and displayed by a Freeview STB, used a PC graphics card, which sends data at a similar rate to HDMI.


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Thanks chaps ...yes I thought it was strange the the SCART/HDMI Cables effected the signal quality ...I thought that would all be down to the aerial and I had a digital aerial fitted 3 years ago that worked fine with my CRT.

nvingo would you be able to suggest the sort of cables i should be looking at?

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