BT Vision Box questions

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BT Vision box questions

As the title says I have a couple of questions about our new BT box.
1) When I power on the box from standby the TV (Samsung) does not automatically power up from standby. For interest I am using the same HDMI cable that I used to use on the previous SKY+ HD box. It's no hardship to press an extra button but why?

2) On my old Sky+HD box I could go into catchup for all the 'normal' channels and select what I wanted and lo and behold it would download and be available to watch for about a month or so. On this BT box I can't find this facility - only iPlayer/ITV Hub etc. These are fine but they have to watched in real time as there would seem to be NO facility to commit them to HDD so they can watched at leisure. This fine for normal one off programmes but not the soaps! Ears (mine) are being bent. Help/advice. Would a Manhattan T3-R or a Humax Aura give me what my old SKY+ HD box gave me?

I don't miss my Sky bills but I do miss what seems to me to have been the best box of all.




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I can't speak for BT Vision specifically but I have a BT YouView which I assume is similar.

Re (1) I think it is just down to what the manufacturer decides to implement. I have various boxes (including the BT) one powers up the TV and select the correct HDMI, one just powers it up but doesn't select the HDMI, and one does nothing at all.

Re (2) I believe Sky is the only provider that will allow on-demand content to be downloaded to the box. You may be better off just recording those soaps, at least you'll be able to skip the ads!

The Grandfather

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CatsWithThumbs. Thank you for the reply.
1) Guess you are correct but its a silly omission by BT. Still it's no big deal.
2) Once again I think you are correct and after a few days only of SWMBO using the BT box we have to say that SKY DEFINITELY have the best box and facilities.. Gosh I never thought that I would say that let alone put it writing!!
We do record the soaps etc etc and zoom through the adverts but the query came about whilst trying catch up on them between boxes and no doubt it will occur again for other reasons. I had hoped that perhaps I had missed something in a hidden menu somewhere on the BT box.

P.S. Love the avatar. My cat was pure white and equally handsome.

Cheers. Nick

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