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Hello all

I have BT Vision and when I set it to 1080i some of the programs appear in 4.3 format even though the tv is set to wide. If I change to the built in freeview the same program will be in wide screen. However if I change the Vision settings to 4.3 format, the same picture through Vision is in wide screen, very confusing. I can set the tv to smart but then when you use the Vision tv guide, bits are cut off at the sides. The tv is a Sony KDL40v4000 which is connected via HDMI lead. I've had a look on BT's site but can't find a solution.

Any help in this would be apreciated.


theo cupier

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Is it just some channels where you're experiencing this?

I've noticed a few channels seem to be "stuck" in 4:3 mode making the programmes look tall and thin, beacuse they are actually broadcasting 16:9. I think it's the odd thing on Dave and 4Music, not noticed much else.


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There have been a few similar posts recently. I think conflicts arise when different bits of kit each attempt to deal with aspect ratios in/out.

You used to get the same with currency symbols on computers and still often do with quotation marks.


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I have the exact same problem with Sky Sports News on my Sony KDL-32V4000 ...fills the screen fine on the TV's freeview but on BT Vision it reverts back to 4:3 with black lines left and right ...settings on the TV are set to wide and on the BT Vision to 720p.


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SKy Sports News should be seen,if it's viewed correctly, with black lines at each side (pillarboxed) as it's only transmitted in 4:3.
If it fills the screen then you have 'stretchyvision'

The same applies to any 4:3 only channel or even 4:3 programmes shown on a 16:9 channel
You cannot fill the screen on a 16:9 TV with a 4:3 programme without some distortion


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Thanks for the replys.
It seems the best solution is to have the tv set to smart and the vision box set to 4.3, if yhe vision box is set to anything else then programs like Friends on More 4 seem to be stretched tall. Looking at the same program on the built in Freeview it looks perfect. Just a little annoying.


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