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Quick question

Had BT Infinity for ages with speeds of around 80mb
Believe we are fibre to the premises. Have two cables running to house with separate one just for the internet.

When installed engineer fitted a “4 port modem” which then connected to the home hub 4 by a network cable

All was fine.

Then two weeks ago we managed to get a deal on the new faster speed ultra speed and upgraded. They said they would send us the new smart hub 2 which they did

However with one thing and another I never even opened it. The guy on phone suggested an engineer may have to call but then checked again and said no need, just swap them round

Anyway without giving it much though I never set this new hub straight away but became apparent that I was getting faster speeds with my pc reporting speeds of around 154

So far, so good
However try as I might I can’t get the new smarthub to work
Bt even sent a second one as felt fitst must be faulty as it will only show the static orange light.

Under home hub 4 I get new faster speeds but nothing at all under smarthub 2 and I’d like to use that as mah solve a couple of wireless black spots.

Anyone any ideas what I may be missing ?


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Just in case anyone gets similar etc, problem has, potentially, been solved

Managed to get through to a real nice and helpful chap who having done so,e digging and asking finds out that there is a potential incompatiblity between the new smarthub and my old white modem.

So new modem coming tomorrow


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Have you tried plugging the new Smart Hub 2 into the same RJ45 port on the "modem" (its technically an ONT, not a modem) as your existing router is plugged into? Because if your existing router works via PORT1 on the ONT, the new router will only work through that port - ie you will have to remove your existing router. See these pics from my ONT:

As for
Managed to get through to a real nice and helpful chap who having done so,e digging and asking finds out that there is a potential incompatiblity between the new smarthub and my old white modem.
I suspect you may have been told porkies, almost any type of router will work through the ONT.


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Nope, was definitely the old “modem” (white box thing) which was not compatible with the new smarthub 2 for ultra fast. Funny enough spoke to two other people local to area who had same problem

Chap came, installed new white box, this time looking like hats in your picture rather than something from the original Star Trek and within minutes it worked.

All sorted


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Glad you got this sorted. Out of curiosity can you post pics of your old and new ONT?

I let the fella take the old one but may have an old picture somewhere. Will check. The new one looks just like yours.

Nothing would get new hub working on old “modem” plugging new hub into same port as old one just would not allow connection

As soon as chap replaced it it came to life straight away


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Found old picture


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Thanks. I think your old ONT only had 100 Mbps speed LAN ports hence why anything above 100 Mbps would have issues.

The old one worked without issues on the home hub 4 and I could get 100+ speeds (max on speedtest I think was 134) but when I removed that and tried Super Hub 2 it just would not connect

New ONT works with both (still have the home hub 4 but no longer connected) and the Super Hub 2 gives me speed of around 149

Wireless does seem a little better on the Super Hub 2 but dont live in a big house so its never been an issue

From what the chap on phone said and what neighbours and engineer have said is that the ONT boxes we have couldnt be updated / couldnt work with newer hardware - by all accounts they would work with first super hub and for awhile Bt where sending those out but now they replacing the ONT

See, look at me, only a few hours ago I was calling it a modem lol

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