BT Sport announces 1 million subscribers but only 1,200 watch Flagship Show

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    Who's watching?

    BT has announced that it has more than a million households signed up to its new BT Sports channels, within three months of its launch.

    BT Sport comes free with BT broadband and customers can watch the channels online or via their mobile devices using the BT Sport app. Customers can also watch the channels on their TVs if they renew their broadband contracts or are new to BT broadband.

    BT broadband customers who wish to watch the channels on their TV require a set top box, meaning a Sky box if you wish to receive the channels for free over satellite or from £12 a month for non-broadband customers.

    That million subscribers total includes satellite TV customers – both free and paying – as well as customers who are watching via BT TV.


    John Petter, BT Consumer managing director said: “We are thrilled with the initial interest shown in BT Sport and the viewing figures to date. To have a million households onboard before the Barclays Premier League has even begun is terrific. We said we would return sport to grass roots fans and they are cheering in large numbers.”

    While BT are understandably pleased to reach the milestone so quickly, it should be tempered by the fact that the vast majority of subscribers are doing so because it is effectively free for them to do so and the viewing figures will be more indicative of its success as a competitor to Sky.

    Claire Balding’s first live show, for instance, attracted an average of only 1,200 viewers and, considering Balding is arguably the biggest name BT has signed and her weekly sports magazine programme, 'The Claire Balding Show', is a “flagship programme” for BT Sports, there's clearly lots of work to do.

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