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BT Smart Hub (6)

trapdoor berk

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Hi Guys

Just asking if anyone is using the BT Smart hub with multiple xbox's connected to xbox live (I have 3 in the house)?

As the old BT Hub 5 couldn't cope with multiple xbox's so I got rid of it for a TP Link TD-W9980

I have signed up again with BT and I've got the Smart Hub so debating if it's worth using or just sticking with the TP link router?


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I'm using the Smart Hub and have no issues with 2 Xbox One's on the network. They can both connect at the same time with open nats. If your own router does the trick it's probably best to just stick with that.

The only downside Vs the Hub 5, is that the Smart Hub is rubbish if someone is uploading on the network, causing massive lag spikes during online gameplay. This was not an issue on the Hub 5.

My main reason for even having one is that I got it as a replacement after having 7x Hub 5 replacements over a year. The Hub 5 would typically drop broadband connection anywhere from multiple times a day to every couple of days.

The Smart Hub has massively improved that, had it for a month now. Seems to drop once every 11-13 days which I can tolerate.


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Disappointing to hear about lag spikes, what's your usual U/D speeds?
30mb down, 7mb up. If you have family that use the upload bandwidth a lot then expect mp games to lag. One solution I did find is if you leave the public BT WiFi enabled, so outsiders can use your connection, you can have family use this also, any uploading done on the public BT WiFi does not impact your private network.

I however hate BT WiFi and like to keep my connection private. I'm lucky that I am the only one who games and uses the upload bandwidth, anyone else on my network only uses the download for Netflix, YouTube or web browsing.

Edit: Another post with more detail on it here Smart Hub - gaming lag-spikes potentially resolved... - BTCare Community Forums


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Just worried about streaming
If you mean Twitch or Mixer streaming gameplay from your Xbox, then don't worry -the Xbox handles that fine.

The problem is that the BT Smart Hub doesn't appear to know how to allocate bandwidth between multiple devices in real-time.

The Hub has the ability to work properly, as is evident by the fact it works fine when other devices use the public BT WiFi service. In theory a firmware update could probably fix it, but don't wait around for that.

Probably best to just buy a third-party router if you think this will impact your experience. Failing that see if they would send you the older Hub 5 as a replacement.

I can't personally recommend that as I had daily drops with 7 of them, but I have several people on my Xbox friends list that don't have any problems with it.


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Was just about to make a new topic about this router...

Playing online is fine wireless but I can't seem to connect when loading sky go or YouTube. I have static IP set up and in DMZ but just can't seem to watch video services... any other device no issues whatsoever. Any help? I have infinity 1. Cheers


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Download speed showing as 0.0mbps and error message 'your download speed is too low'
You can check the speed your hub is receiving on the Status page at

If it's really low their then compare it with www.dslchecker.bt.com to see what speeds you should be expecting, and bring it to BT's attention.

I had to do this recently following the bad weather a few weeks ago.
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Been using BT hubs since the Hub3 and have recently upgraded to the Smarthub .
I have 2 X Box ones , mine downstairs and my son's upstairs , we use wireless for everything due to the house layout and i have infinity 2 fibre .
Initially used 'as is' out of the box and worked fine for both consoles until speed issues , lag , no chat and drop out became major problems .
With a lot of research and experiment i now get a stable and consistent performance from both consoles which are frequently in use at the same time.
First thing to do is turn off your hubs ' smart set up ' .
Next go to Advanced Settings and enable the Separate Channels option
This splits the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels allowing you to allocate your console a permanent connection to one of the bands , by default the two bands are named and seen as one by the X Box when setting the internet connection.
This is the root cause of all the issues as the hub frequently switches channels AND frequencies beween the consoles creating more problems than it cures.
I have my console set to the 5GHz band as this has the shortest range and my sons whose room is at the far end of the house is set to the 2.4GHz band.
I get a consistent 70 mbps download / 18 mbps upload with 90% signal strength and he gets 65 mbps down / 18 up 80% signal .
We can both stream from Netflix at the same time with no buffering or lag and since adopting these changes around 3 months ago not a single issue with online games or download times .
Even if you only have one X box in the house it's well worth doing the channel separation and setting it up to use one band only but although the 5GHz is faster unless your console is pretty close ( line of sight ) the older 2.4GHz will give a better connection .
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