BT Smart Hub 2 and Asus Router RT 86U


Planning to move to BT FTTP (BT confirmed FTTP overhang cable availability.

Currently Virgin Media cable feeds into Asus RT-AC86U.

Ports on AC86U feed PC, 2 connections feed two 6-port switches and a free port (out of 4) left.

Can I connect BT supplied Modem / router into the RT86U so all other outlets remain as they are?

I think BT Smart Hub 2 cannot be used as a modem only - otherwise this might not be an issue


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You should be able to. Assuming it is full FTTP you will have a Openreach ONT (optical "modem"), You can then connect your Asus to that using the WAN port on the Asus and the LAn port on the ONT. You will have to change your authentication setup on the Asus, but you should be able to keep the rest of the configuration as it is.

You are correct about the Smart Hub2 - it can't be used in modem mode and while the wifi gives good coverage there are a number of issues with it - you can't split the SSID's for 2.4G and 5G plus there are issues on devices talking between the two bands. See the BT community forums for all the details.

I only have FTTC ( but swapped out the Smart Hub 2 out for an Openreach MT992 modem then my old Asus router. Had to reconfigure the router for PPPoE with the BT username and it all worked fine.


The first option will not work for me. I need the Hub to provide the Digital Voice (Digital phone connection). There are limitations with the BT modem - hence me wanting to use the Asus router.

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