Question BT or Sky Fibre?

Who to go with?

  • BT

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • SKY

    Votes: 2 33.3%

  • Total voters

Deleted member 92943

ive been with SSE for my fibre for over 3 years now but they won't continue on my current pricing, which is fair enough.

Currently have Fibre 78mb unlimited with Line rental for £25 a month.

Also want to move my mobile to either Sky or BT as I want to reduce the number of companies I'm paying out to. Not too worried about the speed drop from 78mb

Can't decide to whether:

A. BT infinity 1 52mb unlimited for £29.99. 4BG Sim only mobile plan £10 a month Comes with £180 of Amazon vouchers and potentially £90 cash back.

B. Sky Fibre 40mb Unlimited for £25. 5GB sim only mobile plan £15 a month. No cashback or amazon vouchers as I was the best deal I could get on the phone.

I'm with Sky for TV and like the idea of everything being tied to one company but despite my reservations, BT is really drawing me in.


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I'm thinking of moving my Sky BB to BT - mainly for a monthly saving plus the fact I can get BT Sport free for a year with BT saving me a further £300 approx.

I'm presuming the only real differences between the 2 services will the the customer service??


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Probably too late now but my BT Broadband got activated today - early days and it might slow down during the early days while it finds its stable speed but it seems the latest Home Hub is far happier in my house than the latest Sky router I had. Wifi speeds much better (from 28 - 31 with Sky, now averaging 41 with BT) and range at least as good if not slightly better also. Instant Open NAT on Xbox 1 too which is nice.

Surprising such a difference when its using the same bit of cable but BT was slightly cheaper in the end and BT Sport was thrown in free saving me about £28 per month so I'm happy.

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