BT Mesh WiFi - Have I done the right thing


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Right I think I may have been a bit hasty...

I have an older house so thick walls has always been an issue. I have tried to use wifi extender plugs and sockets and this has been pretty much a failure and failed to acheive what I needed which increase and improve my wifi network coverage.

I have decided to purchase the BT wifi Mesh system:

as I am BT customer and it should also work with other providers should I choose to change that in the future. I was just curious if anyone else has been in a similar situation and bought a mesh network system and your thoughts on it? Did it make a difference? Which system did you go for?


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not sure this is the right forum... in any case- were you an existing BT customer? i was, and asked for free mesh system as new customers were guaranteed wifi in every room and our wifi was weak in the kitchen- they sent me their two pack £129.99 set for free.

but yes i think the mesh system will still work with none bt fiber.

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