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I guys need some help!

recently moved and brought my BT Broadband option 3 with me. No Infinity in the area yet :0(

anyway the house is full of Apple gear and sonos all requiring very demanding broadband. I noticed downloads and connection speeds very slow. I did a test and was 0.3mbs!!

i checked the master socket taken the front cover off, re doing the test using the TEST Socket and get 5.5 mbs (much better) however i place the front cover back on & do a retest and back to 0.3mbs. Problem identified! I removed the bell wire & the speed increased 1.2mbs

note: the modem/apple capsule connectd to extension lead but possible to move to master socket but i need the front cover on as the ADT alarm is connected via an extension otherwise i would just use the test conection all the time. I guess if the master socket is corrected then the extensions probably be working better!

Am thinking of replacing the master socket with filtered option then route a cable to AV cupboard. What will I need to achieve best results? An adsl extension or cat5e cable?

Any advice would be appreciated

thnks in advance


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I replaced with a filter face plate connected the BT router then connected cat 5e cable from the gigabyte port to the apple TM and works a treat !!

Although I did buy the faceplate from maplins! Why not from maplins?

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