bt master and slave module wiring from master wall socket


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i have today purchased the following modules to tidy my bt phone socket up and to make it look a bit more proffesional.



The module on the right is the BT PABX master telephone module, and the one on the left is the slave module, how do i wire these from bt master wall socket. any help would be most appreciated.


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Wire everything in parallel. 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc.

Domestic telephone wiring uses a common bus scheme.

I don't think you actually needed the extra master socket, the BT socket is the master all the rest can be slaves. But there are some proper phone engineers in here who know better than I.
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You only need to wire the line terminal 2 and 5.
Just make sure you use the same colours at each end.

Also, make sure you use solid core twisted pair cable or CAT5 cable and not the flat extension cabling.
You cant change your master socket, that is illegal but you can provide extensions after your master socket. Make sure you cut out the yellow capacitor as its not required.
All microfilters contain a master line circuit so your telephone will still ring, and you must use a microfilter wherever a device (phone, fax, skybox etc) is used.


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1. i have today purchased the following modules to tidy my bt phone socket up 2. and to make it look a bit more proffesional.
First, you don't need that - whatever it is.

If you post here what you are trying to achieve, I am sure that the folks here will help out

BTW, a PABX is a Private Automatic Branch Exchange and I suspect that you do not have one of those.


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Beer hunter is right, unless you have a PBX telephone system you do not need the PBX outlet, rather you should have a Master or Secondary phone module. However if you have a standard NTE5 BT Master socket then you cannot replace it with this kind of setup. The NTE5 is BT's property and separates their network and equipment from your own. However if these modules are extensions to give you additional sockets at a convenient point wired from the extension terminals in the NTE5 then that is fine providing all of your euro phone modules are Secondary modules (as the NTE5 is a Master and still in circuit).

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