BT Infinity modem/router and DMZ firewall config


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I know there has been some discussion about this previously, but I am seriously thinking about subscribing to BT infinity and would like to share someone's experience of configuring a firewall breach for a specific ip.

Could someone please confirm (or not) that the BT Infinity modem/router will allow you to configure a local ip address that breaches the firewall. For instance at the moment with my adsl Zoom router I have configured as a dmz which my linux box server uses to convey UDP on several ports.

Can I

a)configure individual ports separately to breach the firewall,


b)specify a blanket dmz for one (protected) machine on a static ip (the simplest solution).

Even if you haven't done this, perhaps someone could snapshot the 'advanced' settings menu page to see what's possible.



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Does this help?

Assign the public IP address of a connection to a device on your home network
You can use this feature when you're troubleshooting a device or application. However, in most cases, we recommend that you use Application Sharing page instead.

Important: using this feature can have a serious impact on your Hub and the security of your network. The device that you've assigned to the internet service will no longer be protected by your Hub's firewall.

We recommend that you only use this feature as a temporary measure while troubleshooting.

Assign IP address to a device .

The firewall settings are: default, block all, off

IN the A-Z section the only thing under ports is port forwarding

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