BT FTTP install - buried copper currently


I'm getting BT full fibre 900 next month - My current BT line is a buried copper line - probably 40 years old. The entire estate is buried lines.

My front garden is about 4m long and then theres a BT manhole cover about 1m to the side on the path infront of the neighbours, and a BT green box 2 doors down. will they actually get the fibre to the house ? Don't really care what they do, just interested in advance.

My theories are..if the existing copper is in any form of duct then compressed air to put a line through, or possibly try to use the existing copper as a pull through line.

Alternatively trench the garden I guess.

Anyone had it done ?


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not had fibre installed but I had to have a replacement copper cable last year.
There was no ducting existing, so they dug a trench in the grass and buried a duct with new cable inside, drilled a small hole in the wall and passed it through. channelled out the tarmac on the footpath and into the box.

I was somewhat miffed that they'd dug out my lawn but actually they did a decent job of putting it back and now you'd never know they had been


You will either get a 'Direct In Ground' (DiG) armoured fibre cable or a new duct with fibre running through it - 50/50 chances. Either way, expect your property to be dug up!


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Had an interesting conversation with County Broadband at my door the other day (who are rolling out full fttp in my town). I asked them how they installed it, and if it involved any digging up of the road (as our telephone connection is underground). They told me they thread it through the telephone ducts.


I finally had my install done by BT - turns out I did actually have a duct under the lawn and it wasn't even blocked. I was kinda amazed as the house is over 40 years old. They had the fibre in the house in less than 30 minutes !

Downloading at 115MB/s is nice :D

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