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Can anyone help with this question?

I have (I think) BT Infinity (2?). It gives about 65-70Mbps over our wifi pretty reliably, and we can run multiple HD streams into the house. Simply because it is cheaper, I’ve upgraded to Fibre 100 (>100Mbps) which is being installed next week.

Our current set up: BT Openreach modem -> Netgear R7000 router -> 24 port switch. I have Ethernet cabling through the house (from the switch) with wifi points (netgear routers castrated to act as APs) on wired connections around the house. I have a ton of static IP addresses set up in the R7000 which I have no wish to lose, and our wifi coverage in the house can’t really be improved upon.

Fibre 100 comes with a BT Superhub 2. The last BT hub I had when Infinity was installed went straight in the cupboard. But I’ve just clocked that the Superhub 2 is a combined router and modem. And now I am left wondering whether my existing Openreach modem can work with Fibre 100.

AIUI Fibre 10p is FTTC, not FTTP, so my incoming cable should remain copper, and so the Openreach modem should connect to it. But does anyone know whether that is actually right? Does the OR modem have a speed constraint in it, or some other incompatibility with Fibre 100? And if so, what is my best option if I need a new modem?



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BT's Fibre 100 is NOT FTTC, it is either FTTP or based. Openreach FTTC doesn't go above 80/20.

If you're getting FTTP, then Openreach will install a new ONT on your wall. Simply connect the Netgear R7000 to the RJ45 port on the ONT and you're good to go.

If you're getting, then Openreach will give you a modem (to replace your current Openreach modem) or they might give you a modem/router (Superhub 2 ?) which already has a modem built in. If the latter then you might need to put the BT router into bridge mode and then connect the Netgear to it - but I'm not sure if BT's router can be put in bridge mode (modem mode). To keep things simple, I suggest asking BT if they can send your their modem (MT992) or you can buy on ebay:

But whether you're getting FTTP or, your current Openreach FTTC modem (Huawei or ECI) will no longer be required as it doesn't support FTTP or lines.


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Thanks. V useful.

I did some digging and worked out that I will be getting We can have FTTP “on demand” here, but not otherwise, and the max available speeds quoted by BT suggest that a demand won’t be well received.

I also have BT a ring to explain I didn’t want the Superhub 2 so could they send their man with a modem. I had a couple of phone reps tell me I would not need that, and I could plug my router into the SH 2 easily (Orly? I mean, I found out how to disable the router part of the SH2 online but it’s not very straightforward). Then I was put through to “connections” for definitive advise, who hung up without answering.

So to be on the safe side, I have picked up an MT992 from eBay and will use that instead of the OR modem, and consign the SH2 to the cupboard.

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