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From the BT website you can get their equivalent of the Sagem I-player for only £64.50 at the moment

Seems like a bit of a bargain. As I understand it the BT version isn't compatible with the Sagem firmware upgrades. This doesn't bother me too much as I don't really want the web browsing and accessorising, and am unlikely to get top-up-tv pay channels, I just like the idea of having a good component video out for my projector (and am not going to get a sky box in my current flat)

But on looking into some reviews of the i-player I found that it was only after a firmware upgrade sometime last year that the component video-out was available.

Does anyone know whether the BT version has this - it isn't in the limited specs list on the BT website (mentions the optical audio out, but not much else grabbed my attention)...?



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Hi bowlhead2000,

I have both a Netgem & a BT player.

The video setup options on the BT player are:

- RGB & Video
- S-Video
- Composite Video
- YPbPr Component

The box also seems faster than my Netgem (its the older chipset version), has a s/w version dated September 2003 which is in between the current Netgem "official" version (May 2003) & the current "unofficial" beta version 4.4.1 which came out in December 2003.

This means that the BT version can connect to your own ISP or broadband setup, it has basic wi-fi connectivity but currently lacks some of the enhanced menus & BBC multi-screen (when you press red) facilities of 4.41.

The BT also has CLI to identify incoming phone calls (with name & picture appearing in a box at top right hand side of screen, if you choose to set up addresses & photos) & Audio Description for blind people.

To me it seems faster than my older Netgem & has a cracking picture on my old 28" with RGB. I can't wait for the next s/w release - Netgem say that they work with BT to produce the s/w BT want, but will expect to include improvements in "core" functionality to all their boxes.

I was also pleased to get a keyboard which works with both my boxes for less than half the price I paid for an original Netgem without keyboard.

Hope this helps,

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