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Hi is there anyway to complain about fibre rollout, i live in the middle of a old council estate and all cabinets were upgraded a couple of years back then they stopped with one to go, ours, then a new estate gets built over my backdoor further from the exchange and they get fibre. so just checked and i can get 1mb broadband from bt and others who use their lines. sorry for the rant


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That'll be Openreach rather than BT Broadband building the infrastructure.

But they're a commercial business, so they're entitled to build infrastructure where they like. They're unlikely to be obliged to cover your particular house.

So unless your complaint is more than 'they chose to not make their product available to me' then I'm afraid you're not likely to get very far.

There are various government schemes in place to ensure everyone has access to an internet connection like the 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO), although they generally require you don't have access to any other fast internet connection - that means no alternative fixed line providers and no mobile broadband availability.

There are also partial subsidy schemes for areas that are unlikely to get commercial rollouts of really fast connections any time soon, like the rural gigabit voucher scheme, should your street want to band together and pay for install.

Finally the government Broadband Development UK scheme (BDUK) is aiming to cover a 5-10% percent of the 25% expected to be not covered by commercial full fibre rollout by 2025. This is something that's planned centrally, you can't influence it and don't need to apply to it.

Openreach is typically the chosen provider to implement those schemes so if you do qualify you'd get access to all of the ISPs using them.

Otherwise, it's just a case of waiting to see if and when Openreach deem it commercially viable to do your area. I would suspect at this point the cabinet isn't going to be touched - if they do work it'll be to install FTTP which doesn't use the cabinets.

The cabinets and copper wires are end of life technology that they're now pulling out in some areas, with the aim to eventually do so across the country.

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