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BT Broadband woes - any tech advice please


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We've had longstanding problems with our BT Broadband dating back to April 2007. We live in a Village so BT are the only option.

Initially we had problems with the line being engaged to callers. This was rectified but then the line went ultra slow. This (finally) got rectified in October but since then, we've been unable to use the phone when the router is on due to loads of (intermittent but frequent) background line noise. Also, if you pick up the phone to make or answer a call the Internet connection drops out.

We've had about a dozen engineer's visits and they've all confirmed that the fault is not to do with our equipment (wired Voyager) or internal house wiring.

We've also been charged c£300 for two visits that should have been free as BT is split into several companies and seemingly they can't communicate with each other. The costs were for a main socket, new Broadband faceplates elsewhere, several routers and loads of micro filters. All were supposed to be free as part of our first level complaint.

We then wrote to the Chairman of BT as the nominated Complaints person didn't reply to us, despite proof of recorded delivery.

In fairness, the Chairmans office acted fairly promptly, refunding our charges and after trying various remedies, decided to cut Broadband off last week (a cease & re-commence:confused:).

Since then and until today, the phone line has been perfect. Crystal clear:smashin:

Today though, Broadband is back on but simultaneous use of the phone line for voice calls is not possible due to the line noise and / or Internet drop out:rolleyes:

It's driving us insane:mad:: We'll feedback but in the meantime, any ideas please:confused:



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Just had the Broadband High Level complaints fella on the phone.

He's said that the Broadband side have done everything they can so as they are not familiar with the telephone side (PTSN??), it's been referred back to the Chairmans office:(



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Do you have sky? I've found that I can't have my sky box connected to the phone line at the same time as the broadband and it sometimes does funny things to it (broadband disconnects, unable to make phone calls etc) - I leave my sky box disconnected most of the time
It's a long shot and probably not going to help, but you seem at the end of your tether!


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Cheers:)Tried unplugging everything except the main phone & in every combination. Latest is they are sending an engineer out; could be from Home IT Services. What worries me is that we've seen several engineers and each one has said what was done by the previous one was not right:eek: Hardly confidence inspiring:(

PS. Thanks to Sean T for the advice via PM. Much appreciated:thumbsup:

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