Question BT Basics, is it any good ?


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My Broadband contract with BT is up and I was looking for a new ISP as I wasn’t satisfied with what BT were offering!

however, quite by accident I stumbled across something called BT Basic. Here is the deal:
‘How much is it?
BT Basic + Broadband is £10.07 per month.

The package includes the BT Basic £1.50 call allowance and £10 monthly call price cap.

There is no connection charge for the broadband, but customers will need to pay postage and packaging for their BT Home Hub, which is required for BT broadband to work.

The broadband has a 10Mb average download speed and is now unlimited.’

That definitely seems of interest but my concern would be the download speed. I do watch Netflix and Prime, catch up tv and youtube and but I’m wondering would that be sufficient speed for what I’d doing ?

My package with BT was Fibre 1 High-speed fibre broadband. My speed was always dismal, sometimes at a crawl that was one of the reasons I was going from BT but if that is sufficient for my use then it seems to make sense.

Anybodyhave exper of the offer

I’d like to hear your thoughts



First of all, I assume you qualify for the BT basics service? You need to be on at least one of these:

Income Support
Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
Pensions Credit (Guaranteed Credit)
Employment and Support Allowance (Income related)
Universal Credit (and are on zero earnings)

If you do qualify, then the broadband is bog standard ADSL2+, up to 24 Mbps - depending on how far you are from the exchange. What does the checker here show as your estimated ADSL2+ speeds? If, for example, the checker says you can only get 2 Mbps then you will severely regret the move.


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Unless they've changed it the calls are at BT Retail's usual absurd rate so if you use the phone at all then expect to hit that £10 limit on a monthly basis.

The speed is likely to be fairly poor too as it'll unsurprisingly be using the same local BT infrastructure. It may be slightly faster if your phone line is very long as the older ADSL technology copes with that better than the new VDSL/FTTC which you were on but you may not get 10Mbps.

If you do get 10Mbps then it'd suffice for medium quality streaming, although it's too little for HDR etc.

However, BT basic normally has a 15GB download limit - suspended for the current global situation - which would likely render it unsuitable for you if you steam enough to subscribe to multiple video services. Video streaming eats through data quickly.


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..... What does the checker here show as your estimated ADSL2+ speeds? If, for example, the checker says you can only get 2 Mbps then you will severely regret the move.
Thanks for the help here is what it says but it’s gobble hook to me 😣


You may need to check the conditions as already pointed out. If you can have it and it is ADSL2+, that checker tells you not to dream of 10mbps download. IME the range is about right and the middle of that is about the consistent speed with no faults. It claims 5.5mbps as a rate and that is a good guide.

when you say your VDSL speeds have been dismal, the checker says you were getting 40.27/7.28 yesterday? Is that speed inconsistent? Is the synch rate changing or just the speeds (during peak time for example)?

I wouldn’t change to ADSL2+ even if eligible personally given those results - however if the only driver was cost (and looking at the eligibility that is clearly what the plan is all about for those on low incomes) obviously there may be no choice.


Thanks. You’d be mad to go from vdsl 40 Mbps to adsl 5-8 Mbps. If money is a huge concern, then consider signing up with one of the budget providers - a 40/10 vdsl line can be purchased for around £20/m all inclusive.


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Thanks for your advice, I thought it would be something like that but I just wasn’t sure what was on offer. Thanks

Anyway I re-signed today with BT for the next 24 months, same package. Broadband Fibre 1, plus Unlimited Anytime Calls, and a few other bits and pieces, originally £42 now £33

The anytime calls didn’t really excite me as I seldom use the landline except when I’m making one of these calls where you have to keep redialling and redialling until you hit a free line. Frustrating!

Again thanks


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