BT 20mb service ?

Mr Quint

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Good morning.

Been with BT for years and I have always been a happy customer. Yesterday day I had a call from BT telling me that my line had been upgraded from 8mb to 20mb overnight. I put the PC on and had a look at what the router was saying, it told me I was getting 22,221kps download. I did a speed test and I was getting 19.1 mb download so as you can imagine I was quite happy with this.

However, just fired up the PC this morning to find that the download has gone back to 6,611kps, that's less than the 8,000kps or so I was getting a few days ago.

Should I be giving BT a call or is this due to a stabilisation period?

Thanks for any advise.

Mr Quint

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Just had a call with BT and ultimately I will see this for the next ten days. the odd thing is that the internet and downloads seem just as quick as yesterday even though the router is showing around 6mb download. :rolleyes:

Ah well, as long as its all working.


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You can reboot your router to resync the line if you want. But it isn't really recommended during the first 10 days period.

Mr Quint

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Indeed, when I got up this morning it was showing as only being connected for an hour or so. So over night the connection had reset at some point and I assume it will do this quite a bit over the next few days.

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