Bryston versus TAG...



The other day a friend and I, compared the TAG 100x5 with a Bryston Powerpac 120, old generation ST, with our difficult to drive Sonus Faber EAII...

We used one speaker and Kimber 4TC, and matched the output with a sound meter...

I used to believe powers didn´t make much difference, until I upgraded my 200 watts Rotels with Bryston, but still believed higher quality gear wouldn´t make much difference, boy, was I wrong again...

It was like two different speakers, with the TAG, the bass was boomy and treble was very subdued, with the Bryston the speaker shined, controled bass, clean but energetic highs, incredible...

My friend has decided to replace the TAG with Bryston, that big a difference... :eek:


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For those of us not so well acquainted with this level of kit, what sort of a price differential are we talking about?


They have similar prices, I think the Bryston used to be cheaper, but the new versions might have changed that, any way we tested the old version...


Not very hot, the Rotels where a lot hotter, even the DVD FMJ runs hotter...

When i heard the Bryston 9B THX it was fantastic.

If i hadn't got a Parasound i'd have gone for the Bryston.


Nuno Santos

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I can also confirm this information and find it amazing how such a well design amp (TAG) cannot handle a bookshelf speaker as well as the Bryston.

I never thought 2 similar priced amps could make such a difference. I guess that with speakers that are easy to drive the differences aren't that noticable, but otherwise...

Unfortunately, Bryston amps are much more expensive here (almost twice the price :eek: , I'm afraid than most places).

Does anybody here know a website from which one could buy Bryston amps?

Best regards,



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I also auditioned both TAG and Bryston amps and bought Bryston units for using with the AV32r.

The store I bought mine from sold far more of that combination than the TAG/TAG when demoing them side by side

Nuno Santos

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garmtz and pnm,

I believe that if Bryston's portuguese dealer wanted to, there would be a lot of stores that would place their amps side by side with TAG's and other's and customers would probably prefer Bryston most of the times. But they don't!

They're a small store that does not carry any other kind of HI-FI gear (so absolute no apeal here) and does zero promotion on the Bryston brand.
I'm absolutely convinced that if they wanted to, most stores here would be delighted to sell Bryston. They all think they're great!

That, my friends, brings us to a situation where Bryston amps prices are unbelievably high here and second hand market is virtually none.

That's why I'm trying to find alternatives like purchasing in other UE markets (brick and mortar or trusted webstores) that might have competitive prices.

Are there many stores that sell Bryston in the UK?


Nuno Santos

Nic Rhodes

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I think we need to put this in perspective. There also many that prefer the Tag. Other prefer the Parasound. All are great amps and are suitable for different applications and for me these are the pick of the AV amp field currently however some ‘stereo’ amps can actually take this further again. Bonnec I would put forward as a great example here.

I am currently going through just this for a new amp and I am having big difficulty deciding between them all. The choice isn’t always clear cut, unfortunately :(

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