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Evening all

I have Bryston 5 channel 9BSST2 which is used to power 2 rears and 2 surround speakers. One channel is unused. I also have a 3 channel amp 9BSST2 which powers the front LCR.

Since as long as I can remember there are 3 green LEDs that light up on the front fascia of the 3 channel amp when powered on but only 4 green LEDs on the 5 channel amp.

I always thought this was because I was only using 4 out of the 5 channels ie only 4 lots of speaker wire is connected at the rear, however after giving it more thought I am a bit more worried. Is one of the channels defective or is there a blown fuse problem?

I have tried to upload a picture.

Many thanks



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All the LEDs should be on. However there is a small possibility the LED has failed on that channel. Have you not tested this channel?

I would have thought being a 9BSST its still under warranty.

Graham N

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Why don't you swop the unused channel for one of the ones you are using and see if it works and if a different LED lights up?


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It is the left surround - no sound coming from it. When I connected the speaker cable to a different channel speaker starts working. I guess the transistors or fuses have blown. I called Bryston (thru PMS in Luton) and they have asked me to send the defective channel to them and they will replace it free of charge. Considering the amp is 15 years old cant say fairer than that.

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