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Bryston 0.5B - what's that, then?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by NicolasB, May 3, 2003.

  1. NicolasB


    Oct 3, 2002
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    Emily's Shop
    Okay, I know it's a stereo pre-amp. Presumably a very old model - not even listed on Bryston's website as far as I can tell. But you see them avertised for sale occasionally. Any good? What's a sensible price for one?
  2. jethro


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    The 0.5B is a pre-amp with phono, unbalanced, non-detachable power cord (i.e. no separate power supply) and no remote, all in a thin package with a footprint about the size of the 3B-ST amp. They go for around $275 US.

    My used 0.5B was built in 1990. I'm not sure of the range of dates during which they were built.

    My purchase of the 0.5B started me down the road of buying Bryston gear. Before that I was a Harman/Kardon person. So the 0.5B impressed me enough to start buying Bryston. Now that I have an SP-1.7 and a BP-25 (soon to be a BP-25DA), the 0.5B is not nearly as good as the newer preamps. However I don't imagine I will ever part with my 0.5B because it is a very useful piece of gear for trying amps. The 0.5B doesn't seem to have the frequency range of the BP-25. I'm guessing some people would say that the BP-25 is bright or edgy. The 0.5B might appeal to people who find the BP-25 bright. My local Bryston dealer keeps telling me that he has all kinds of mods for the 0.5B. So if you can get a good deal it might be good for you. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them. My 0.5B is actually sitting in the other room at this moment so it's easy to take a look at it. If this isn't already too much detail, I might be even able to post a picture of it somehow (or e-mail it to you directly). It's a good thing I'm Canadian - Bryston gear is more reasonably priced in Canada.

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