Bruised (Netflix) Movie Review & Comments


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Started watching this last night but nodded off at the 30 minute mark. No refection on the film though - I was knackerd! I'll carry on with it today, and was very impressed with what I saw. Glad to see you have awarded it a 7 Cas as there seems to be a lot of negative reviews. I liked the premise, and Berry can bring it when given decent material.


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Bit slow at the start but a good watch. HB is very good especially in the often complex fight scenes required for a believable MMA film.


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I watched it last night and thought it was terrible.
Two hours of "oh my life is awful" angst and one badly choreographed fight.

On top of that it's all been done (and way better) before, it was very predictable and the cast had no charisma whatsoever.


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Turned this off halfway in as I was bored to tears.


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Oddly for a fight film, it was good apart from the fighting.

The story of the character was well done. Her struggles, the cycle of abuse and her eventual progression to mother. The scenes with her little boy were heartbreaking at times too like when he broke down at hearing the song he shared with his dad, and when he threw his arms up as Jackie's partner unloaded some violence.

The fighting was the letdown though. Predictable that they would follow the Rocky 1 route. And the fight scenes just came across rushed. Understandable in a way as you're obviously not going to show a full 5 round fight or a dull stinker of a title bout. But Warrior remains the pinnacle of MMA movies.

PS correction for the review @Casimir Harlow, she was never a UFC champion. She fought in the UFC but the film never said that she was champ as far as I recall. Just that she was on a winning streak in the UFC but her manager accepted a fight that she was nowhere near ready for.
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It's ok, we have all seen it before, worth a 6/5/10 from me. Best actor was the kid :)


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It was OK - very generic and predictable, nothing you wouldn't get out of any number of sports/fighting films. You'd be much better off watching Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, Warrior....
Plus it felt around 20 minutes too long. Halle Berry does show good potential as a director though and hopefully this leads to her getting the opportunity to direct other projects.

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6/10 for me. Watchable, but nothing special. The fight scenes were best with the ground work - HB's stand up showed poor technique. The Bullet looked like she enjoyed herself though.

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