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Just been setting up MCE this week, very impressed so far, particularly with the TV recording and timeshifting etc.

The one thing I'm missing is the ability to browse through the various freeview channels without having to change channels or go into the guide. Is there not a way to have a bar at the bottom that you can check all channels with, then just press select to switch to it? Kind of like Sky or most freeview STBs.

Hopefully you get what I mean. Any help appreciated.


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this is a feature of vista - otherwise i'm not aware of any "plug ins"

Neil Fellows

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Embarker - I'm running Vista MCE - can you let me know how you do that please?


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i don't use it now but left and right either side of the "OK" keys started the banner as I recall


in vista, push the "i" button (sometimes labelled "more info")
from there, select mini-guide.

up down left and right will scroll through the channels with a now+next type guide interface overlaid on your live tv window

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