Browsing/Rendering web pages isn't good enough


My iPad is predominantly an eBook reading and website browsing device, but I've becoming increasingly bemused by the latter functionality. Depending on which exact browser you use, the pages may render an average 3 seconds slower. Websites that aren't even "media" heavy are similarly affected. Browsing threads with animated .GIF's is a no-go, and a premium priced device being unable to provide comparable website browsing, not CPU performance, but simply browsing is totally scandalous in my opinion. I await the second generation of the iPad. But in the meantime, watch these comparison videos between the PlayBook, and even the Galaxy.

Here is a video on Engagdet comparing the browsing functionality on the iPad to the PlayBook.

And for those wanting to be reminded of the iPad's performance when surfing compared to the Galaxy.

YouTube - iPad Vs Galaxy Tab

Simply not good enough gentlemen.


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If a few seconds are that important to you perhaps you should sell your iPad and get a Galaxy?


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yeah, this is a deal breaker! ;)


I'm glad you guys agree with me. Surprised no one else brought it up before


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for those wanting to be reminded of the iPad's performance when surfing compared to the Galaxy.
With no details on the "test" it's meaningless: what was the signal strength, had the galaxy pre-cached data to those web sites before, is it even using an Opera-like browser where it's not getting the real page but one generated from a server?

The reason I'm sceptical, is I counted how long it took to load that Apple iPod page (12 and a bit seconds), went there myself, and it only took 4 seconds to load? Riddle me that... :rolleyes: not saying browsing on the iPad is like a PC, or even as good as the Galaxy, but the "test" is not in a lab by independent unbiased testers.


I dont find the webpage loading to be that slow, even over 3G. I use Atomic Web Browser.

GIFs is something though, they just seem to play in slow motion!


GIF rendering is pathetic on the Ipad, also when you go back to a pre-rendered tabbed page via Safari, it has to re-render again :suicide:

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But then you'd have to subtract the zoom time on the Samsung TAB in order to actually be able to read what it displays on the screen ;-) And lets not forget the polishing time in between as the screen doesn't have the anti-grease coating making it harder to see yet on the iPad even with finger prints you can see it. :)

I must admit I can't actually see a problem with slow web page loads on the iPad at all. Sure RIM has been releasing a media campaign about javascript and all sorts. But let's not forget their Playbook hasn't been released, they are also saying they do a 'new' thing called WebApps which is so much better than the iPad with it local apps. Funny how they seem to forget the outcry when the iPhone was released without SDK and webapps only.

Also you should see further optimisations in iOS4.2 for the iPad which general release is imminently.


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I have to say that vie never had a web page take 12 seconds even on 3G most I've waited on my Wifi is about 3-4 and that's on ING website which I've always found to take longer than other sites even on my wired pc.

The only disappointment I have is no flash support and the fact that I they (meaning apple)don't allow you to send files over bluetooth to and from your phone well I carnet get it to work with my samsung jet anyway,it just won't acknowledge the phone.

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