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Browsing in MCE


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How do i add Firefox Or IE to the menu in MCE as i dont want to have to keep minimizing it everytime i surf?

also how do i add other programs to the more programs menu?


Programs are added to the More Programs list when you install MC plug-ins (eg Tweak MCE).

You can't just add FF or IE to the menu. You'd need a plugin. I'm not aware of a browser plugin for MC.


One way to do this would be to create your own .MCL file.

Open up notepad and put something like this in

<application name="BBC Website" url="www.bbc.co.uk" startimage="**** .png image location ****" thumbnailimage="**** .png thumbnail imagepng" description="**** description ****" companyname=" ***** ">
<capabilitiesrequired directx="false" audio="false" video="false" intensiverendering="false" console="false" cdburning="false" />

Where I've put in ***'s in you will have to put a link/url to a .png image so this comes up in your MCE menus. Also change the references to the BBC webiste :) you could also play around with the other bits but for an IE link theres no need.

Once you have done this save it as a .MCL file to the following location.


Once you have done this it will appear in 'More Programmes'

any probs let me know.

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