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Munkey Boy

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Brothers in Arms has made the jump to the latest generation of console hardware, was it worth the wait? Please vote as above and leave comments in this thread once you've played the game enough to judge it.

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Have to say, I've been enjoying this, I like the strategy aspects mixed in with the FPS. The graphics can be a bit average in places and there are the odd glitches with gameplay (which hopefully can be patched), but nothing too major. Good solid game, but not outstanding.


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If you enjoy FPS shooters, especially WWII and don't mind a bit of squad control then it is a game for you.

It does have a few niggles, and sometimes your AI is dim, but this isn't enough to detract from the reasonably polished gameplay.

I would warn that if you hate cut-scenes and tacked-on stories then this game will irritate you. But if you listen to the dialogue you may find some prize lines of banter.

7/10 from me.

Teddy Windsor

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This is a hugely unambitious game, which is ironic because when Brothers In Arms first appeared on the Xbox it was refreshingly different to other WWII shooters.

Hell's Highway is more or less identical to what I can remember of the previous games (not that this is necessary a bad thing ... I enjoyed them three years ago), apart from a poorly implemented 'dig in' system.

The much-trumpeted destructible cover really has zero effect on the series' standard find/fix/flank/finish mechanics. Graphics don't really make much of an impression one way or another. AI is lacking - the German squads are generally rooted to the spot and on the very first level I had control of a team I had to restart from a checkpoint after one of my men got stuck in a fence :rolleyes:

The multiplayer is pretty astonishing :eek: It's just plain ugly, with nasty lag, clunky controls and one uninspiring game mode - I can now see why they were keeping pre-release details so quiet. At least previous game Earned In Blood offered a decent co-operative experience - something this doesn't have.

The cutscenes are numerous, ponderous and very heavy-handed, while the story is clichéd and uninvolving. The vehicle sections are pointless and unrealistic, while I think the slow-motion gore shots are at odds with the serious subject matter. Immersion is hurt by regenerating team members and frequent checkpoints, that combine to take any tension from proceedings (even on Veteran).

This isn't terrible, but I'm glad I only paid £15 after trading Facebreaker and using some Game points. I finished the offline in a week (I don't get much time on the 360, but the singleplayer is also very short), then traded it. On the whole, pretty disappointing and very average, hence 5/10.



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I've voted 7 - Good.

I REALLY enjoyed the game to be honest, so much i could ignore most of its (numerous) faults.

Controls were rubbish really, and took a good few levels to get to grips with. Cut scenes had really bad pop in textures, and stuttered on lots of occasions. The solo missions and tank missions wern;t as good as squad missions, but they were very short so was forgivable.

Howeven, i really loved being huddled behind a wall, ordering my troops, and working out where i could send them to get at the enemy. Occationally poping up myself, with a headshot. I really loved that part of the game.

ALot was made about authenticity, but really why? Its not like we was there, and will say 'hang on a minute, that bush had yellow flowers not red!" The destructable cover is a good addition, and should become standard in shooters (where aplicable) from now on. There was a few times i ripped apart a fence with germans behind to open them up for atack. But it wasnt used enough.

I rented this game, so its probably got a higher score than if i had have bought it, to its prob a 6 if purchased.

No replay value either, Authentic mode looks just way too hard, with no crosshair or hud. You'd have to really love the game, to play through it again on authentic.

Multiplayer is basically awful, and the game would have got more credibility if it was left off.

I really cant see why there was soo many delays with this game. Its a slightly above average shooter, someone like EA could bang this out in a year.

So enjoyable, but its definatley a rental.


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Below average.

Shocking AI
Glitches in framerates
General sluggishness to play (especially on the indoor scenes)
Solo levels really show the poor AI and really, how poor the engine and graphics are.....solo parts are simply dull, boring, contrived and I wouldn't have been happy playing them on a PS1 back in the early days, let alone in the era of the PS3 and 360.
Very scripted (Germans are always in the same place, and do the same thing, and rarely move...see AI above)
Graphically average, some parts look good but for the most part it look Last-Gen rather than next.
Too many cut-scenes that showed they tried too hard
Too many issues that showed they didn't try hard enough on the main game

For a game this long in development it's very poor. But I'm still (kinda) enjoying it. But let me put it this way, I'm looking forward to finishing it so I can trade it on ASAP. Nuff said, and that's a shame.


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5/10 for me.

Whilst I enjoyed the SP it was far too short, and repeating one level is just lazy IMO.
If they had made the SP player longer and gave you some incentives for playing through veteran and authentic modes (even just some achievement points) it would have got a 7/10.
Lots of bugs, teamates getting stuck behind walls, not being able to move onto the next checkpoints etc etc. Also not being able to use the iron sights when behind cover on authentic mode was rubbish.
MP was boring.
Enjoyable but too many bugs and length lets it down.


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very good i thought.....

i didn't like it after my first few goes but it grew on me.....the graphics overall are very good...shame about the odd glitch etc but when u look at the detail and size of the levels its not THAT bad...multiplayer is a laggy joke but i didn't buy it for that.......when i finished it i wanted to do it again......which i am.
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didn't like this game to much, poor graphics, sounds not up to much, the gameplay just gets you mad, as the controls are also bad, i would give this game a 5/10.


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...remember to change the controls to tour of duty and things get better..i found it much easier to control and aim with these.....

i don't get the poor graphics comments... yes its glitchy occasionally but the graphics themselves are great...the outdoor scenery is excellent ..and the burning buildings later looked good as well...... update would be nice to iron out the few glitches tho...


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i score dthis game above average.

I rented it out on friday as the missus was going out for the evening and got it until sunday. Left it back saturday night because i had completed the campaign and dont have live at home in the itnerim. As far as single player goes, i enjoyed the story a lot, i thought it was well acted for the most part, though red was poor his voice acting was really flat and hollow compared to some of the others).

The gameplay itself though is fairly haphazard, with your squad mates not realising what danger is. for the most part i left them behind and simple sniped my way thorugh the levels, which added some difficulty and length but made the experience more enjoyable. I also preferred int he old game how people were killed if you got them into danger (though its been a while and i may of remembered this wrongly). Sometimes i would be fighting and my teamamates would suddenly get injured for no reason, and thinking you needed them alive i would be forced to reload a checkpoint, very irritating.

As for the actual shooting, the collision detection seemed sort of off, also you have the steadiest hand in the world, i mean matt baker never seems to get tired, and the enemy, if your dug in dont seem to be able to shoot you, unless they are right behind you. Which is all pretty ridiculous. Crouching behind something should offer the same protection, but no you can be shot, dig in and your suddenly immortal?? Unless its a rocket, in which case it doesnt matter that your behind a hill or a massive wall the radius of damage is always the same and you can die even in cover which seemed very inconsistent as your teammates are fine?

My greatest problem with the game, is its anticlimatic feel, the last level as before is a tank level and its too easy!! theres also no indication that its the last level and you plod through it and suddenly games over, its such a let down.

I guess its a problem with these type of games that you cant ahve unrealistic baddies taking load sof hits to take down, but the fact is that thegame is the same difficulty start to finish, there was never a point where i felt i couldnt just slowly pick people off and finish it. In some respects this mechanic is good as its different from COD and the respawning baddies, but it means the tension of later COD4 levels were its rock hard is lost, and the game is just snipe and rinse. repeat ad nauseum.

I enjoyed the game, but it could have sed a stronger pacing, with a better difficulty curve, its starts low and ends low. I didnt play through authentic, it was only a rental so i couldnt be bothered. Buy this game if you want to watch a movie with soem shooting bits in between, its a good wee yarn and will pass a few hours.

If your looking for a challenging fps look somewhere else.


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Maybe I shan't even bother with the demo after reading that :thumbsdow


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A 6/10 for me.

I'd played and enjoyed both previous games on the Xbox and despite the so-so reviews for this version I was always likely to buy this too.

There are moments where the game is excellent, typically those bits where you're controlling more than one team against squads of entrenched infantry. The combat feels tight, hit detection is good and the one kill head shots are appropriate for this type of game

Where it all goes wrong for me are the awful solo mission sections, typically indoors and the tank missions. Why they didn't replicate the tank command sections within the second iteration of the game I don't know.

The cut scene banter between the squads was a mix of the amusing and cliched. I'd have much preferred that they drop this 'cinematic' style and play more heavily on in-game communication with your team. This would have made the game much more immersive than the 'emotive' storyline.

The multiplayer element is awful, a shame really as if it was based on the single player game it might have extended the games value.

Still it's a worthy rental, I bought it new and traded it after a couple of weeks play. Ho-hum.


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Id give this game a generous 7, I played the game from release so I didn't experience any DLC or updates. Enemy AI were docile and always repeated their movements, they never made any advancements on your postition, your men would tell you that they were flanking, but they would get to a certain position and stay put until you over-ran them. Team AI were annoying, always getting in the way, getting killed in stupid places, running from cover to cover through enemy fire, they think its a good idea to stand still half way, turn towards the enemy and start shooting.

This game did have some serious work needed when I played it, but the storyline and the freedom to execute fire and manouvre kept me entertained. Some things make the game playable, others not.

Recon Points and Kilroys invite you back for another play through.
The unlocked difficulty mode does not. When grabbing cover and taking aim at the enemy is impossible, there is no reticule at all, which means no skill. They could have at least put us into 'ironsight' view when we aimed from cover.

It may sound like all bad, but if your a fan of war games (WW2) in particular, you'll enjoy this game.


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Played this for a couple of hours recently, without noticing the time had vanished. I've been sourcing some second hand War Games for my Brothers Xmas presents and just wanted to test them out. Really got involved in this one and would recommend it.

I always say I don't really like FPS's but that seems to be all I play at the moment!


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Loved the first one, but the demo for HH didn't convince me to want to play more. With COD4 still going strong and COD5 trying to get in on the action, other war-based shooters need to notch it up a level. I find myself comparing all new shooters to COD4 and continuously find I am disappointed. Bring on COD6!


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Installed it to HDD and no problems with glitches, etc. I like the pace of the game, combination of FPS and strategy and doubt I could complete some of the chapters without using my squads effectively. The AI can sometimes be a bit dim or slow to react but I get killed more often than I would like so they aren't that dim!. The controller is best set to 'Tour of Duty' (a tip from an earler review in this thread. The 'dig in' for cover and aiming took a bit of getting used to and the only problem I had was throwing grenades (I still find this aspect a bit hit and miss but that may be me rather than the game). I have no negative comments on the graphics as they seem fine to me. The 'Sniper Rifle' is a default 'find' in one mission and can be found by searching in another two allowing you to clear all of the enemy without your squads which probably explains why it only features occaisionally. My only criticsms are:-

a) respawning of squad members. Would be more of a challenge to keep them alive throughout the campaign.

b) final mission being a tank based one (far too easy!).

c) Checkpoint saves are too far apart in some chapters.

Not at all disappointed so scores an 'excellent' from me and looking forward to the next one!
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