Brotherhood of the wolf


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This and Crouching Tiger are the only foreign films I have in my collection and I was very happy with both.

Picture/Sound quality is superb and the film itself, whilst slow in some parts, will not leave you disappointed.

FYI I have the Canadian 3 Disc Collectors' Ed. from Movietyme and was very happy with their service too.


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I saw the r2 rental version last night, quite shocked by the dreadful dubbing, in terms of weird accents, but after a while I got past that and really enjoyed it.
Excellent picture, beautiful cinematography, stunning DD.

mr chadwick

quite simply a stunning film,everyone who has borrowed(or had it forced uponthem) has come back it!!!

Ian J

Originally posted by tee
I got hold of the 3-disc version and the DTS track is crazy.

I only bought the single disc but it has DTS on it.

I will probably get flamed (as usual) but whilst the DTS soundtrack will give the system a good workout I thought that some of the sound effects were a little OTT.
I have to admit I didn't even try the DD track but I will agree, the DTS was very OTT, much some of the action scenes..... More good fun than realism


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A must buy IMO & definatley get a R1 Canadian with the DTS - I compared the two & felt the DTS was significantly better (usuallly IMO there is only a slight improvement)
As someone said above its the best Period Kung Fu Horror Love Story I have ever seen ...
BTW the director Gans & leading arse kicker Dacascos are making another film at the mo called The Adventurer - due out in 2003 according to IMDB - ye ha - Paul :D


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cannot wait!! BOTW is a fantastic action packed romp... Gans' films are visually stunning and this is his best yet. the three disc canadian set is luverly!!


Originally posted by Ian J
Excellent film but it must be watched in French, not the dubbed version.

I did and didn't understand a bloody word :confused:

The dubbing is pretty poor to begin with but it does improve and the films a cracker.

Mental Note....Must learn French :)

Dom H

Am I the only one who didin't like this?

Some good action scenes but the rest was a load of pompus old tripe. A laughable 'beast' and an ending that draaaaaaaaged for about half an hour.

Just too weird for me, a constume/beast/kung fu film i mean, give me a break.

<smothers self in flame retardent gel (strawberry flavour)>


But which is the best version to get? Movietyme has an 'uncensored' version, but in 4:3.

Does this mean all the other versions are censored somehow?
Help. Buying films used to be so easy.


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KRRK - The Canadian Version is slightly longer (10 minutes ?) than the standard version but other versions are not "cut" as such (for violence or sex etc) they're just not as long (sorry that sounds so confusing but I am at work at the mo ?)
Dom H - everyone is entitled to an opinion - it is a stange brew but I loved it & the pic & sound quality raises it from ordinary to excellent IMHO
Paul ;)


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There is a 2 disc R2 version available in HMV (exclusive I think) does anyone know the difference between this and the single disc version, I can't find a comparison anywhere.

Rambo John J

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Disc 1's the same, disc 2 carries a "making of" documentary, deleted scenes and some other guff like interviews etc, I believe


hey all, I have ordered the US version, though the french version is the has 30 mins more story in it so get that version over the lame uk one.

bye for now


p.s. excellant film - check out crying freeman...


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Watched Brotherhood Of The Wolf R2 ( rental ) yesterday, best film seen for a good while.
56 minutes in is a definitive wine spilling moment.

Followed it with Y Tu Mama Tambien ( And Your Mama Too ),
fell asleep 40 minutes in, watched it this morning, can see why I did.

Family Guy

Originally posted by Ian J
Excellent film but it must be watched in French, not the dubbed version.

Must say I have to agree here. I watch all foreign films in their native tounge with the subtitles in English. Das Boot is an entirely different experience in German. The voices match the look of horror on the faces. The only thing I watch dubbed is Porn, but then you very rarely get the choice anyway.:devil:

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