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Now does anyone know the current state of things regarding the upcoming 3 disc Canadian release - is the full-rate DTS track going to be included ?? - first it was, then it`s not,just really anxious to hear it as it supposed to be head and sholders above the other audio tracks.
Universal release it here on monday and have an HMV exclusive two disk edition. Which is what I am going for. I don't know yet if the DTS track is on it but I will soon.:)
I don't think that the R2 versions have DTS. As far as I'm aware the R1 Canadian will though and I am checking the usual sites pretty well every few hours now for the first one to start shipping it, lol. As much as I was tempted by the HMV release I don't think I can really justify paying out £25 for an inferior product. The Canadian release will have an extra documentary and DTS soundtrack for the same amount (or cheaper, depending on where you get it).
Excellent,just found out it does have the DTS track on - hopefully it the full bit-rate one,need something to pound the new SVS,which should land at the same time as the disc :D
Haven't heard too much about this film until recently, however I am quite interested in obtaining it.

Before I do can some of you guys clear something up for me. I've seen it reviewed as french language with english subtitles. Despite this have had it on sale as english language.

My obvious question is; what language was it originally made in ?. I don't want to buy a dubbed film and would rather have the original language and subtitles.
Was a French film,and the upcoming canadian 3 disc set has the following sound formats
french D.D. & DTS
english D.D.
english & french subtitles
commentary by actors and director
apparently the actors themselves did the dubbing,this also goes for the `mousehouse` new version of `Shaolin Socer` - must be a trend or something ;)
i was tempted to buy this film with all the hype an talk about it untill i read the review at future entertainment.i know they only sell dvds a not review them but there review does not fill me with confidence.the review is below could you tell me if this sums up the film please.

If you crave an over-the-top historical kung fu-fantasy epic with a good dose of voluptuous nudity, bravura machismo, and passions so intense they verge on ridiculous, then Brotherhood of the Wolf is your movie. Based (loosely) on an 18th-century legend, this French film follows a hunky scientist (Samuel Le Bihan, who's sort of a second-string Christopher Lambert) and his Iroquois sidekick/spiritual partner (Mark Dacascos) as they pursue a monstrous wolf ravaging the French countryside. Along the way Le Bihan gets entwined with a beautiful noblewoman (Émilie Dequenne) and a gorgeous prostitute (Monica Belluci) with secrets. The plot grows more and more incomprehensible, but the mix of torrid emotions, outrageous action sequences, and lurid titillation is really what the movie is about. Ignore the highbrow philosophizing and confused political intrigue; just enjoy the sensual images.
Worth mentioning that on the UK disc the English dub is in 5.1 but the original French track is only 2.0 surround.
Universal UK continue to leave me baffled. Surely dual 5.1 tracks wouldn't have been a problem?
the review makes it sound like a comedy romp or farce... it's not.
It's a cracking action/horror/martial arts/period piece.
I really can't give this film enough praise and I've been eagerly awaiting the DVD since its cinema release last year. Imagine a quality, french version of Sleepy Hollow but without all the silly camp and comedy. Christopher Gans shows amazing visual flair as director (although to be fair he could have trimmed 20mins off the running time) and fans of martial arts master Marc Dacascos (Drive, Crying Freeman) should realise they are in for some amazing fight scenes.

I've gone for the 3-disc canadian set and I'm checking my preorder at play every half an hour or so for dispatch news.
I saw the TV advert for the DVD last night (during Six Feet Under). Looks like they're giving this film a big push. I did notice that they cleverly used footage in the advert that didn't contain ANY dialogue :)
that's a little bit cheeky... but at the same time if it gets this hugely enjoyable film a bigger audience and changes some attitudes towards foreign language films then that's great.
Originally posted by James45
but at the same time if it gets this hugely enjoyable film a bigger audience and changes some attitudes towards foreign language films then that's great.

Couldn't agree more. I thought it was a smart move. I'm really looking forward to seeing this film through my system. I had hoped to catch it on it's cinematic release but there are only two 14 screen cinemas in my area so obviously they had better things to fill the 28 available screens with. Hmmm.
yeh I was very surprised they were showing this at the 15-odd-screen Showcase in Leeds, I thought I'd have to go to the Picture House or even that film museum in Bradford.
Uncle Eric is apparently having the french R2 3 disker sent over from friends in France... I wonder if he knows that it doesn't have English subtitles on it?:D :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Rambo John J
Worth mentioning that on the UK disc the English dub is in 5.1 but the original French track is only 2.0 surround.
Rambo are you sure about the French track being 2.0 only, because if your right, free or not the disk it's going back when it turns up.
That's what it says on the back of the box I'm holding in my hands right now (being Universal UK I'm not sure I believe it though).
To be honest from a personal view I'm not too fussed, but I can't really understand why they've done it.
Just wait untill I get over to Uni video again, I'm going to nut someone, all this dicking about they have done with recent disks.:mad:

I would like the French soundtrack in DD rather than 2.0 because I can't stand dubbed stuff. It's a shame as I can get it for free but I really want the DD track in French so if its the case i'll have to buy it from CD-wow.:(

Keep us posted will yah.:)
couldn't find it on cdwow, play have just started shipping the plain R1 one disc version tho... no word on my three disc R1 set yet.
has anyone actually got the canadian three disc set yet? No web sites even have pictures of the case yet and no-one seems to be sending them out even tho the plain old R1 one-disc (both supposed to be released on 01/10) has started to ship today.
I am starting to get the feeling that the retailers haven't had them delivered yet.
Surprised nobody has noticed that Movietyme now have the Canadian version in stock. I've placed my order this morning!!!
Nope, it's the 3-disc, £24.99. It's on their home page. It only went on this morning.
Not as yet but this doesn't necessarily mean anything. The last order I got from Movietyme, I received the despatch email the day before I received the DVD.

Craig said on the DVD Lifestyle Movietyme forum that he was billing orders today so I have no reason to believe that the DVDs won't be despatched either today or tomorrow.


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