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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 31st July 2010.
Brooklyn’s Finest tells a powerful trifecta story about three different men in the same police precinct: the good cop compelled to do bad, the honest cop pretending to be bad and the ambivalent cop who finally gets his wake-up call. It’s a decent Crash-style tale of disparate, seemingly unconnected individuals whose lives converge with violent results. Unfortunately, too many of these ideas have been seen before; most of the characters feel too familiar and clichéd, and so the end result will likely never be classed as ‘great’ or ‘classic’. Nevertheless the underrated Ethan Hawke, the consistently great Don Cheadle and the underused Richard Gere – at his intense best – come together with a surprisingly good Wesley Snipes to provide a quartet of fantastic performances amidst an eclectic and authentic cast of familiar supporting characters. And with professional direction from Antoine Fuqua (who made his name on the similarly themed and arguably superior Training Day) the end result is still an unequivocally solid entry in the genre.

On Blu-ray we get excellent video and solid audio, as well as a mixed selection of extras in which the must-watch Deleted Scenes and competent Director’s Commentary stand out. Fans should consider this a good edition to pick up, newcomers who like the genre – who like Donnie Brasco, Narc, Training Day, King of New York and multi-character stories like Crash – shouldn’t hesitate in picking this up either. It may not do anything particularly new and it may not end up being all that memorable, but that does not make it any less enjoyable. Recommended.
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