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some of my videos on my computer stop randomly a lot of times through a clip/video, the picture stops, then sound stops and it goes black. i need to nudge the seek bar forward a little to get it going again.

im using windows media player classic and have the new k lite codec 417 installed.

what codecs should i try to get the videos working properly?

maybe it isnt even a codec problem but i can try it out. i ran chkdsk/f to see maybe if they were damaged or corrupt. (dont know if that would fix it anyway)

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It could be a number of things. If playing from a DVD it could even be your dvd player from anything as simple as dust.

Try using videolan's vlc to play video files and see if that helps. It has most of it's codecs built-in. If that works at least you know it's a software/codec problem. Actually I prefer it to the windows player and made it my default, it has some nice features.

If VLC works there's a program that can check for bad codecs installed and although I can't recall the name of it and don't have it installed, knowing it's there is part way to finding it if you need to seek it out.

If you don't have a lot of ram in the computer, have you checked how much disk space you have left recently ? Could be a swap file thing.

Think about what might cause the problem and eliminate them one by one.

Try downloading file based short videos in varous formats and see if those work without hesitations so you at least know what does work (only from a reputable site, you don't want to download anything unexpected).

You could even boot to a LiveCD with video playing capability to see if it's a software based problem at all, as they use Linux rather than Windows.

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