Broken power input on laptop



This is probably not the best place to ask and if you know somewhere better please tell me...

anyway, my laptop power connector on the motherboard has broken, the pin that connects to the inside of the cable has snapped off and the place where i bought it from cant seem to help me (TIME computers). so i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it without having to pay a lot of money for a new mother board, if i can even still get 1.

I asked at a couple of shops and one said they tried soldering the pin back into the hole, but i havent got the pin, as i was renting it to a friend and he lost it, silly me... The shop also said its quite a common problem, and im a student so i don't want to fork out money for a new 1...

maybe theres a way of replacing just the power conector on the motherbaord, i don't know, but any sugestions on how to fix it or where i should ask would be most helpful.


oh heres a pic, its a bmp 80k so it might take a while, but its of the whole back panel of the motherboard incase anyone knows where i can get 1 from... the power connetor is on the far left aswell...


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