Broken plasma tv (my first forum post!)


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Hey there

This is my first forum post on avforums iv heard of this forums a lot for tv related stuff :) so hey there everybody

Okay, iv had a Panasonic p42tx50b 42" since I got it brand new hmm just over 3 years ago? and a bad argument with my missus and a lot of beer resulted it in it getting a smack right in the middle of the screen and it just cracked everywhere across the screen and now it just blinks does the power LED and doesn't turn on.

But iv bought a new LG 50" plasma as LG are the only ones making them now, it just arrived this morning infact just about to set it up in a moment once iv had a brew, it looks huge though.

Anyway the Panasonic, what do you guys recon I should do with it, the delivery guy said do you want me to take ya old telly for a 5er, and I was like no pal i could probably strip it down the motherboard thing etc is like new someone might need it.

So you recon its worth bothering with? as i know Panasonic plasma parts are hard to come by now a days, oh also it had a brand new power supply in 3 months ago did the tv which cost me 150 quid. :/

So yeah, any help would be appreciated of what to do with the Panasonic plasma, and if ya think its worth stripping down or selling it as a broken telly complete, how much should i sell it for?

Thanks :)


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sorry to say the plasma is not worth anything if it was say a gt50 or so on then yes people might
want the parts. yeah Panasonics cant take a punch can they!!..:rotfl:


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Haha, so I might aswell throw it in a skip then? I guess I could try fleebay for a tenner or sommat :p

Just thought as panny plasma motherboard sell for so much etc it might have some value for the parts.

cheers tho :)


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Panasonic used to make TVs with toughened glass (for the boxing fraternity out there).


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Panasonic used to make TVs with toughened glass (for the boxing fraternity out there).
Yeah, my G10 had a really thick glass screen that was tough as hell. It had an anti-reflective sheet on it though that used to get scratched very easily.

I was surprised when I bought the VT65 that the screen is much more delicate and by no means punch proof!


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i'm finding that current tv's are no where near as robust and as good quality to say 5 years ago.
no wonder prices are dropping, as your getting less of a tv, no screen protection, crap sound, uneven back lights, flimsy cabinets, i could go on...

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