Broken NEC NP600 Projector - warranty up - need new ballast no service stations near!


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Hi All,

I heard this was the place to go for projector related info and I've got a problem and I'm stumped. Here is the situation:

I bought an NEC NP600 used off of a classifieds website. I have no original receipt and no warranty. The projector worked great for several months. It stopped working recently and the STATUS LED flashed red off and on 6 times. I looked it up in the manual and it stated it was unable to start lamp and to wait 60 seconds and try again. I did this to no avail. I called NEC and they advised either my lamp is dead or there is a problem with the ballast. I am fairly certain the lamp is fine as it was working 100% the same day. No fading of the image or any other issues. I called NEC to find out where local service stations are located and there are absolutely none near me. It would take an 8 hour flight for me to get to the nearest service station.

I'd much rather order a new ballast and install it myself than to ship my projector to a repair station and hope for the best. However NEC only ships parts to authorized repair stations. I tried calling some of the places they provided and so far have come up empty handed. They want me to ship the projector to them, or to find someone closer to my location.

Does anyone know of any locations that will ship out NEC projector parts? I don't even know the part # required. I'll be calling NEC today to find out. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated as I'm not sure what to do now. Thanks.

Edit: The Part number for the ballast is 3N101321. Searching on google provides one result for a company in Australia. I've asked NEC to send me a list of servicers in Canada so hopefully they'll email it and I can find someone who is willing to sell me a ballast and ship it to me. Does anyone have any idea what company may do this? Even in the USA would work.
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