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Artur R2

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Hello everybody,

I decided to chase in all my cables running from the av rack to the tv and speakers (around 6m length) and in the process discovered that my HDMI cable was a little too short for the job (too short for the extendable tv arm at full length) seeing as it was already run through the pipe that’s going to be plastered over I decided to keep it there as a spare (connects fine with the tv close to the wall) and order a longer one. In the meantime my other half had decided to pull the tv out to full length with the hdmi plugged in and ripped it out.

My question is, I would still like to keep it there as a spare but how does one go about fixing it ? Maybe a wall plate solution ? If so how do you map the right connector to the right plate ? Any suggestions are welcome.

Many thanks in advance.




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The only practical solution is a new cable.

Wall plates have sockets either side to plug a hdmi cable into.

The length of each wire has to be exact to fractions of a millimeter and damage like this cannot reliably be repaired by hand.
All HDMI cables must be machine made because of the exact tolerances required.

There are “ field termination” kits, but they cost 300 quid or so and have a very low success rate.

Joe Fernand

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'If so how do you map the right connector to the right plate ?' - you spend an age fiddling around with a multi-meter as there is no common wiring 'code' for HDMI.

As Andy says unless it is going to be a huge job to run a new cable you are better off forgetting about the installed cable and start again.


Artur R2

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Thanks very much for the replies guys sorry it took me so long to acknowledge, I have run a new cable and left the old one in there as well in hope for the tech to be able to fix it in the future. Many thanks.

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