Broken GU10 Bulb Removal


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I have a GU10 bulb which is broken so the the light, i.e., top part of the just spins and the prong portion of the bulb doesn't move in the socket. I have no idea how to turn this burned out bulb to remove it from its socket. Any suggestions as to how to get the prong portion of this bulb to move in order to replace the bulb?


Wrong forum - I have reported this to mods who should be able to move it :)

Anyway the fitting type is important here. Flush down light? If so the bulb and fitting usually fall out with the cable.

If the bulb is in a solid fitting so only the top of the bulb is visible that could be a bit trickier. Most fittings don't dismantle to give access to the socket :(


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As there isn't anywhere that precisely matches this subject, I've moved it to General Chat.

I'd suggest that you will need to first turn off the power (obviously, I hope!) and then forcibly separate the glass from the base (so, break the bulb apart). And then use pliers to extract the base.

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