Broken Flowers --- MAY CONTAIN NUTS & SPOILERS ---


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Saw this on Saturday and have very mixed views about it.
On one hand Murray was quietly brilliant in his role. A very human person without any pretension.
Apparently the Director/Writer Jim Jarmusch had Murray in mind when he did the script.
The film is very slow with many long shots of Murray travelling around the U.S. either by car or plane. A chilled but fitting soundtrack.
A lot of this film is what isn't said when Murray meets the various people.
In a similar vein to Lost In Translation (which I loved btw) but the ending was even more abrupt. I actually sat there for a few moments as the credits started rolling waiting for more.

Having read people's reviews on IMDB (in which everyone seems intent on retelling the whole story first) I can understand the artistic film maker's reasons behind stopping the film the way it did but on the same note, I prefer movies I watch to have some kind of ending. Happy, sad or neutral I don't mind but something.

Maybe a second viewing would let me understand the movie more but that second viewing won't be until it's on tv. Doubt I'll rent this and definitely won't buy it.

I would recommend large parts of this movie. The quiet humour in certain situations, the intense emotion that seems to hide behind Murray's sunglasses... but if you do go see it, I think you need a good imagination to make up an ending for yourself.
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