Question Broken Audyssey Setup Mic for Denon 2311 (DM-A409)


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I recently purchased a Denon 2311 from a forum member but unfortunately the setup mic is broken - Its the 'Eiffel tower' shaped mic which I think was also included with Onkyo, and Marrantz amps etc.
Looked in to buying a replacement and they are available on Ebay for £30+ which seems excessive given I only paid £70 for the amp.

I suspect the problem is a break in the wire or a broken/loose connection. Does anyone have any advice on how I can diagnose the problem with a multi-meter etc. and potentially fix it with some soldering and insulating tape?

Alternatively, if anyone is in the north east and could lend me their mic to use for a day or two, I'd be happy to buy them a few beers etc.

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