Broken aerial socket


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I have a great old Amstrad CTV 3021 (1998) which gets a fine picture with an indoor aerial. Sadly yesterday the aerial socket at the back of the TV broke away, rendering the TV useless but otherwise in full working order! Does anyone know if it's possible/what it costs to get this repaired (if it's worth it)?
I'm new to this so I hope I'm not messing up on etiquette! if so, sorry, and thanks...:hiya:


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Hi and welcome to the forum.
That's a common problem and a relatively easy job for any decent TV repairman.
It's a case of removing/de-soldering the tuner from the main circuit board of the Tv, removing the tuner side covers and soldering the broken part of the socket (which you've hopefully kept) to the tuner body and reconnecting/soldering the signal input centre conductor of the socket to the tuner PCB.
At most your talking an hours labour and no parts...rates vary across the country so phone around a few Tv repair shops in you area and ask for an estimate.


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JayCee - I really appreciated your prompt reply, have taken your advice and am awaiting estimate(s). Thanks to you, and the Forum, and anyone else who replies!

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